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No. 4 Paddle Wheel Lace

Use No. 30 Glasgo Twilled Lace Thread and a fine steel hook. 1 spool will make 3 yards and 12 inches of this pattern.

Make a chain of 4 stitches and join with a single crochet, 6 chain; turn.

1st row. 1 double crochet into ring, (3 chain, 1 double crochet into same place) 3 times; 6 chain; turn.

2nd row. 1 double crochet in 2nd loop, (3 chain, 1 double crochet into same place ) 3 times; 6 chain; turn.

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rows. Like the 2nd, but at the end of the 7th row, make 2 chain instead of 6 chain.

8th row. 1 treble crochet under 6 chains, (2 chain, 1 treble crochet in the same place) 8 times; making 9 trebles in all, 2 chain, fasten under next 6 chain with single crochet; turn.

9th row. (3 double crochet under 2 chain) 10 times; 1 chain; turn.

10th row. 1 single crochet, taking up the back part of each stitch of last row, making 30 stitches in all, 1 chain; turn.

11th row. Like the 10th, but make 6 chain, instead of 1 chain; turn.

12th row. 1 single crochet into 3rd stitch, putting the hook through both loops of stitch, (5 chain, 1 single crochet into 2nd stitch) 12 times; 5 chain, 1 single crochet into the last single, 2 chain, 1 single crochet into 6 chain; turn.

13th row. (1 chain, 1 picot, of 4 chain, (for description of a picot, see terms used in crocheting, 2 chain, 1 single crochet under loop of 5 chain) 14 times; 3 chain. Begin again at the 2nd row.
To join the scallops. This is done at the beginning of the 13th row, of the 2nd scallop by making, *4 chain, a slip stitch into the last picot of the preceding scallop, 2 chain, 1 slip stitch into the 2nd stitch of the 4 chain, 2 chain, 1 single into the 1st loop; continue as in 13th row, but only repeating what is inclosed in the parenthesis 12 times instead of 14 times.

For the Heading

7 chain, 1 single crochet under 1st loop. *7 chain, 1 single crochet under next loop, repeat from * the length required.

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