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& Illustrations

PieceWork Back Issue

July/August 2005

Sold Out

On the Cover:
Nancie M. Wiseman's Knitted Lace Edging.
Photograph by Joe Coca.


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The new and noteworthy

Shay Pendray’s Trimmings
A sampling of patterns, charts, and instructions—Bohemian Lace

(72 KB)
Preserving the legacy of needlework by finding ways to use and reuse new, old, or found objects



Finding Tina, The Little Lace Maker by Penelope Boston


Normandy Lace
by Elizabeth M. Kurella



The Lace Knitting of Haapsalu
by Nancy Bush






Salvation from Starvation: The Coming of Irish Crochet Lace to Brittany
When the sardines disappeared off the coast of France and starvation loomed, workshops were instituted to teach French fishing families the art of making Irish crochet lace.
by Maryvonne Wetsch

Mabel Foster Bainbridge's Legacy of Lace

Mabel Foster Bainbridge was passionate about needlework and collected laces and
embroideries, books, equipment, and textiles from all over the world.
by Susan J. Jerome

On the Web: Stitch a Drawn-Thread Handkerchief
Donna LaVallee shows you how to withdraw and wrap threads to create this crisp handkerchief.

Imperial Laces from the Napoleonic Museum in Rome
This museum’s extensive collection of costumes that belonged to members of Napoleon’s family is notable for the beauty and diversity of the lace used to decorate them.
by Isabella Campagnol Fabretti

The Lace Knitting of Haapsalu
The lace-knitting tradition of the resort town of Haapsalu, Estonia, on the Baltic coast, began when the town’s restorative mud baths became popular with tourists.
by Nancy Bush

Knit an Estonian Lace Scarf
Nancy Bush’s inspiration for this scarf came from triangular knitted lace shawls that she saw in Haapsalu.

Make a Lace Patchwork Jewelry Roll
Pieced bits of old lace over a silk lining make up this striking jewelry roll, designed and stitched by Elizabeth M. Kurella and Debbie Ambrose.

Normandy Lace: Preserving Memories in Patchwork
Lace patchwork is a technique of combining pieces of old lace into beautiful textiles
that had its heyday early in the twentieth century.
by Elizabeth M . Kurella

The Study Collection of the Embroiderers' Guild of America
A superb tablecloth with lace inserts is one of more than 800 objects that are available
for study by members of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America.
by Ann Blalock

Finding Tina, The Little Lace Maker
The discovery of a nineteenth-century novel depicting the struggles of a young lace maker led to a years-long effort to reprint the book.
by Penelope Boston

Dime Novels
Tina: The Little Lacemaker of Brussels is a classic example of this genre popular in America in the last decades of the nineteenth century.
by Vasna Zago

Bobbin Lace: Gossamer Webs
Although the origins of bobbin lace are unknown, the technique has captivated artists, wearers, and makers since the sixteenth century.
by Mary Stewart Sale

Make a Bobbin-Lace Bookmark
The inspiration for Cynthia Tiger’s bobbin-lace bookmark comes from the Perseid meteor showers.

On the Web: Knit a Lace Bookmark
Ava Coleman designed this bookmark as a miniature sampler of knitted lace stitches.

A Brief History of Bookmarks
Bookmarks have been holding readers’ places since the sixteenth century.
by Gretchen Allgeier

Lady Margaret's Laces
The Canadiana Costume Museum and Archives of British Columbia is home to more than 50,000 garments and accessories dating from the late eighteenth century to the present.
by Andrea Nichol

A Collection of Knitted Lace Edgings
The author presents some of the knitted lace edgings from her collection of more than a hundred.
by Nancie M. Wiseman

On the Web: Knit Hilton Lace Edging
for Pillowcases

Knit this delicate edging from Nancie M. Wiseman’s book Lace from the Attic: A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns.

Tat a Garden-Trellis Doily
Mary H. McCarthy chose roses and fleurettes for this lacy doily.

Free-Form Tatting
Jules Kliot and Anne Rock introduce this creative method of tatting.

A Lace Afternoon Dress with a Story

Winifred Walker Lovejoy’s turn-of-the-twentieth-century dress and a photograph showing her wearing the dress are now in the collection of the Costume Institute at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.
by Deborah Pulliam


Stitch a Drawn-Thread Handkerchief

Knit a Lace Bookmark

Knit Hilton Lace Edging for Pillowcases


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