Corrections 2015

PieceWork Sept/Oct 2015
A Hat Inspired by Sansa to Knit
Page 30
A Hat Inspiried by Sansa to Knit-REVISED

Medallion Russian Shawl to Knit
Page 50
Medallion Shawl Key REVISED

Jane Austen Knits 2015
Prettyish Wilderness Shawl
Page 78
The second flower chart repeat (under the chart) should say repeat 8 times = it should be a total of 9 flowers the second section).

Flower and Vine Reticule
Page 87
Where the instructions say: “Work Rnds 1-26 of Vine Cable chart, then work Rnds 1-20 of chart once more.” It should read instead: “Work Rnds 1-26 of Vine Cable chart, then work Rnds 1-22 of chart once more.”

Knitting Traditions Spring 2015
Serpula Contortuplicata Socks
Page 54
1x2x1 Cable Right:  Slip 3 to cable needle, hold in back, knit 1. Slip the 3 stitches on the cable needle back to the left needle. Slip 1 to cable needle, hold in front, purl 2, knit 1 from cable needle. 1x2x1 Cable Left: Slip 1 to cable needle, hold in front. Slip 2 to second cable needle, hold in back, knit 1, purl 2 from second cable needle, knit 1 from first cable needle.

Gerard’s Seaman’s Scarf
Page 100
Most charts are written with Row 1 (and all odd numbered rows) being the right side.  However, some charts begin with Row 1 being on the wrong side.  You will begin reading the chart on the left hand side, with Row 1.  Row 2 of the chart is read from right to left as usual. Many lace charts begin on the wrong side. This simply gives you a “resting row” before starting any intricate patterning.

PieceWork May/June 2015
Silken Fog Stole
Page 42
The materials section indicates two skeins, but with a slightly heavier skein, only one will be needed. The actual yardage needed is approximately: 1,626 yards. This is based on the yardage per skein at 95 grams and the weight of the finished stole.