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Popping down the farmer’s market for a few fresh vegetables, on your way to a fabulous weekend in the country, or perhaps just headed out to do a bit of shopping? Don’t forget your crocheted bag. Our free crochet bag eBook has a crochet purse, tote, messenger bag, case, and market bag for any occasion.
free crochet messenger bag pattern by Julie Armstrong Holetz | The newest addition to this collection of free patterns is the Messenger Bag by Julie Armstrong Holetz. I love the circles of color in this funky felted bag. Squares of colors worked on the front of the messenger bag peek through embroidered circles on the front flap. This bag would be great in a variety of colors.
Free crochet tote bag pattern by Judith Swartz | The Farmer’s Market Tote by Judith L. Swartz is a brilliant bag for your next trip to the bakery or farmer’s market. The mesh pattern that makes up the body of the bag allows it to compress into a small space until you need it. And at 17″ tall, you can bring home plenty of fresh produce.
Free crochet pattern by Judith Swartz | Cell phones, ipods, and other mp3 players have become a part of life. The Handy Utility Case by Judith L. Swartz offers a fashionable way to carry your electronics. The single crochet construction of these simple cases, perfect for a beginning crocheter, provides the perfect canvas for cross-stitch embroidery.
Free Chevron crochet shoulder bag pattern by Grace Talcott | A fan of the classic crochet chevron? Check out the Chevron Shoulder Bag by Grace Talcott. This colorful purse is ideal for stash busting and a beginner introduction to crochet increases and decreases. Three colorful tassels add a dash of fun.
Free slouchy purse crochet pattern by Drew Emborsky | The roomy Slouchy Purse by Drew Emborsky was inspired by the popular hobo purses. The back loop and front loop only stitches create sophisticated horizontal stripes and stretch while forming the classical slouchy shape of a hobo bag.
Free crochet shopping bag pattern by Cecily Keim | The Larger Than Life Bag by Cecily Keim is big enough to hold everything but the kitchen sink. This show-stopping tote make the perfect weekend bag, beach bag, or project bag-even an in-progress afghan will fit. Colorful motifs create the front and back panels and a fabric lining adds stability to this oversized bag.
Free crochet bag pattern by Jill Wright | Experiment with needle felting with the Message in a Flower Bag by Jill Wright. This bag spruces up a sturdy felted messenger bag with blue and purple pansies. The bag and strap are worked entirely in half double crochet and then felted to create a dense sturdy fabric.
So choose your favorite pattern and add another great crochet bag to your collection. Download Crochet Bags and Purses: 7 Free Crochet Bag Patterns today.Best wishes,

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