Our 4 unique titles and carefully selected special-interest newsstand magazines get to the heart of what beaders of every persuasion want. Since their interests and experience levels are diverse, we don't try to satisfy them all with a single, mass- marketed beading and button magazine. Instead, all 4 magazine titles are targeted specifically to beader's interests and skill levels, so your advertising messages are welcomed and read by engaged readers who are ready to buy.


For active, passionate beaders who want inspiration, to learn lots of tried-and-true techniques, and to be tempted with dozens of stylish projects each issue. These beaders, with a lifelong interest in beading, spend more money on products than any other group.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Made to order for the fastest-growing category of jewelry makers. They want to go to the next level with their design and technique, and this magazine takes them there. Projects are available for all levels! Beads and wire - an unbeatable combination.

Jewelry Stringing

More designs than any other beading magazine with quick, easy, fashion-forward projects in every issue. Plus detailed resource information-and enticing invitation to buy and build a stash!



Interweave is the new media sponsor for the popular Public Television series, Beads, Baubles and Jewels, bringing our talented magazine editors and book authors with projects from the pages of the magazine to beaders in more than 300 U.S. television markets. Streaming video will bring the series to an even wider audience, with con- tent available 24/7.

Beads, Baubles and Jewels
3 Ways to Reach Viewers

  • Sponsorship
  • Product placement
  • Integrated campaign with TV website
  • Online

    6 Ways to Advertise Online

  • E-mail sponsorship and advertising
  • Dedicated email blasts
  • Web advertising
  • Directory advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Contests

  • Beading Daily reaches out to beaders every weekday with engaging columns, fun con- tests, free downloadable projects, great guest contributors, and compelling advertising opportunities. And since Beading Daily is a blog, beaders reach back by replying to editors' posts. 65,000 beaders can't be wrong - every day is not too often! And on top of that, 130,000 unique visitors come to Beading and our other 8 beading websites monthly - to check out what's going on, to buy patterns, to register for events. It's a vast and growing community with which we can help you strategically target your message for branding, lead generation, and capturing new customers.


    We are proud to produce 4 out of 6 top teaching events in the country. In 2010 Bead Fest will be located in Santa Fe, twice in Philadelphia, and in one other location to be announced. Our 425+ classes draw more than 2,100 students each year, and our bead markets draw in more than 13,000 eager shoppers. We tailor our programming for our special locations, which are among the hottest demographic areas in the country for beaders.

    6 Ways to Increase Your Sales

  • Show-floor sponsorships
  • Exhibition
  • Workshop sponsorships
  • Directory advertising
  • Special-event hosting and sponsorships
  • Special advertising sections

  • Books

    Beaders cite books as their second-most important source of inspiration (after magazines), and Interweave dominates the category in the book trade and specialty retail. Forty-nine beading titles sold more than 213,000 copies last year - and many more books and top-selling authors are in the pipeline.


    Connect with more beaders in more ways with Interweave than with any other craft media company. Contact your media sales representative for more information on how you can sell more to your best prospects and customers.

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